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Hot Sundae

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2011 - 2014 Collaborative Studio 

Hot Sundae was a studio practice comprised of myself and artist/designer Nicole Killian. The studio practice was a manifestation of our belief in collaboration, fun, and positivity, and fueled by a deep desire to produce work that was rooted in "goodness" . This desire to add positivity was inspired by what we saw as a seemingly endless stream of either "cynicism and over-seriousness"  or  "why bother caring" running through the personal/political voice of many designers.  Taking on the very queer belief that positivity and fun will inspires great change we were able to imbue our personal and professional work with a sense of not to cool to care,  friendly, criticality.



CreditsNicole Killian & Amelia Irwin
Mye Mind Music Video: Director & Producer: Lauren Siegle / Design Direction: Hot Sundae